Collection: NEVER TOO LAKE

Life on the shores of Saimaa and the four seasons in the north are endless sources of inspiration, says Sanni, the designer of Never too Lake. The jewelry blanks are created from photos and drawings taken by Sanni. The flowers seen in the jewelry are mainly from the yard of Sanni's birthplace: "I could spend hours there admiring the glory of flowers and the life of insects. It is a place where all flowers can bloom in their own way".

Ecology is an important value of the company, which is reflected in Never too Lake's material choices. The jewelry is made of Finnish FSC-certified birch plywood, which means that the wood comes from well-managed forests. The metal parts are surgical steel, which is a well-tolerated material.

Never Too Lake's jewelry has been featured internationally in several publications: British Vogue and Vanity Fair, and in the United States, among others, in the following publications: Weekly Style, Shuba Magazine, Latest Magazine and Vigour Magazine.