Lina - ethically produced hammam products

Hamam means bathhouse in Turkish. The Hamam towel is a hundreds of years old utility product, the basic idea of ​​which is based on the Turkish spa culture. Centuries have changed, but the hamam towel has remained the same – generous in size, pleasantly thin and absorbent.

Lina's mission is to offer high-quality and responsibly produced hamam towels.

An authentic hamam towel is made from natural fibers.

Lina products are made in four different looms in villages specialized in textile production in the Turkish countryside. Some of the weavers are private entrepreneurs, some are family businesses employing a few dozen employees. Lina's activities support the activities of small producers and thus also strengthen the position of women in working life.

The manufacturers of Lina products have strong expertise in both traditional weaving and modern textile technology. This, combined with high-quality raw materials, creates first-class Lina textiles, which can be used with a clear conscience.

Only natural fibers cotton, linen and Tencel are used in Lina products.