Collection: KARO JEWELRY

The designer behind Karo Jewelry is well-known Finnish makeup artist Karo Kangas. Karo grew up in Lapland as a child, surrounded by quiet lakes and forests. Ten years ago, however, she decided to take a big leap and moved to Los Angeles to further her career in the fashion industry. Nowadays, Karo calls Los Angeles his home.

Karo Jewelry reflects sustainability thinking, which combines respect for nature and ecology. Most of the jewelry materials are recycled.

Each Karo Koru is unique! The jewelry is made by hand in Karo's home studio in Los Angeles. Every Karo Koru reflects the effort to treat the world and yourself better every day.

"Karo Koru is a small ode to the artistic soul of my childhood and the desire to create beautiful objects for the joy of people. Karo Koru is dedicated to my childhood, my homeland and you!"

Even America's hottest stars have discovered Karo Jewelry!